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VisuMax combines excellent precision with best-in-class speed and treatment comfort in performing advanced femtosecond laser applications as Flap, Keratoplasty, Incision for ICR and ReLEx - the step towards minimally invasive laser vision correction The VisuMax Femtosecond Laser is intended to reduce or eliminate nearsightedness with or without astigmatism when used in patients as described above. In a clinical study of 348 patients, all but. The most advanced VISUMAX laser treatments, at discount prices now. VISUMAX, like all high technologies, is expensive. The German Zeiss company wants to promote this type of laser eye surgery in Hungary, too. Currently, it provides access to more than 1000 surgeries at discount prices. Therefore, VISUMAX treatments are available now with. VisuMax. The femtosecond laser we use is the VisuMax. Key Features of the VisuMax Laser: Unsurpassed comfort and extremely fast. Less occurrence of eye dryness. Treatment is delicate, with no loss of vision (only laser in its class to offer this feature) VISUMAX kezelések most jelentős árelőnnyel! Megérkezett a világ egyik legfejlettebb látásjavító lézere, a VisuMax! VISUMAX: a lézeres szemműtétek csúcstechnológiája! A Focus Medical mindig élen járt a lézeres látásjavító kezelés legújabb fejlesztéseinek bevezetésében

Striving for the most ideal patient experience, the VisuMax laser is the most comfortable femtosecond laser for All-Laser LASIK due to it's intelligently-designed curved contact surface.The VisuMax offers a more natural and customizable anatomical fit compared to the one-size-fits-all planar-flat contact surfaces of the Ziemer, FS200 and Intralase femtosecond lasers VisuMax smile is the most technologically advanced form of laser eye surgery available in the world of medicine and eye care. An abbreviation of 'small incision lenticule extraction' SMILE is the latest stage in the evolution of femtosecond lasers Laser kératome VisuMax: l'art d'inciser à la perfection Une petite incision dans la cornée peut ouvrir de vastes horizons aux yeux des sujets et les affranchir du port de lunettes. De plus en plus de personnes réalisent ce rêve et la tendance va encore s'accentuer à l'avenir Sasszem Visumax ReLEx Smile kezelés. Ár: 519.000 Ft/szem 467.000 Ft/szem 10% kedvezmény az első 1000 páciensünknek. A lézeres szemműtét ára tartalmazza a kontrollok árát is. Nyissa le a további részletekér VisuMax is the most advanced femtosecond laser currently available for creating LASIK flaps. Furthermore, VisuMax is the only laser capable of performing SMILE Laser Vision Correction. Developed by the world-renowned Zeiss company, famous for its precision optics, the laser system represents the pinnacle of All-Laser Bladeless LASIK surgery

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  1. Femtosekundový laser Carl Zeiss VisuMax představuje dnes vrchol v technologického pokroku v oblasti oční medicíny. Femtosekundový laser patří mezi tzv. pevnolátkové lasery . Pracuje s ultrakrátkými optickými impulsy v oblasti vlnových délek 1100 nm - 1600 nm
  2. The VisuMax Femtosecond Laser system (Figure 1) is a precision ophthalmic surgical laser designed for the creation of incisions in the cornea. The action of the VisuMax and other femtosecond lasers mimics the cutting action of mechanical or blade-based keratomes. The VisuMax accomplishes thi
  3. Für Femto-LASIK und die Behandlung mittels PRESBYOND ® Laser Blended Vision bedeutet der VisuMax vor allem eines: hochpräzise Flaps. In Kombination mit dem ExcimerlaserMEL ® 90 und der Behandlungsplanungsstation CRS-Master ® ist VisuMax eine optimal abgestimmte Lösung für die refraktive Laserchirurgie. Ein System, das einen komfortablen.
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  5. The VisuMax laser provides more stability and greater flap precision when compared to LASIK. LASIK's greatest complication is flap problems after surgery. Because blade free is so precise, this risk is significantly reduced. The blade-free Lasik vision correction surgery can produce real benefits for some patients
  6. A legbiztonságosabb femtosekund laser VISUMAX - RELEX SMILE. Csak néhány kilométerre a szomszédos Szlovákiában. Ingyenes szállás - a műtét után Kassa központjához közel helyezzük el Önt, egy luxus szállodában. A szállás 2 személyre szól / éjszaka. Magyarul is beszélünk, a szem sebész beszél angolu
  7. VisuMaxはLASIK時のフラップ作成、角膜移植切開などの高度なフェムトセカンドレーザー•アプリケーションを実行する際に、クラス最高の速度と治療の快適さと優れた精度を兼ね備えていま

The ZEISS VisuMax laser utilizes the latest femtosecond laser technology to gently create a thin, contact-lens shaped layer, just beneath the surface of the eye, which is removed through a tiny opening. The VisuMax creates a gentle and comfortable experience for our patients by impacting less of the corneal surface With the VisuMax®, Zeiss is significantly shaping the world of refractive surgery. This groundbreaking laser system employs high-performance femtosecond laser technology and is characterized by its outstanding cutting precision, highly efficient speed and gentle treatment technique. The VisuMax is thus the ideal platform for therapeutic an Looking back, purchasing the VisuMax was a wise investment in our quest to maximize patient satisfaction and to grow our overall refractive surgery volume. Herein I review the three main reasons why I believe that the VisuMax femtosecond laser system is worth the investment. THREE REASONS. Reason No. 1: The VisuMax provides a unique patient.

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Importantly, the VisuMax® FS is the only femtosecond laser to incorporate a curved interface that makes contact with the cornea during flap creation. This system allows the patient to see throughout the procedure, which in turn serves to maximize the precision of the bladeless LASIK flap creation process by helping him or her to maintain. Con VisuMax ®, ZEISS ha contribuito a forgiare in modo determinante il mondo della chirurgia refrattiva.Questo sistema laser all'avanguardia impiega la tecnologia laser a femtosecondi e si caratterizza per la straordinaria precisione di taglio, velocità senza precedenti e una tecnica di trattamento non invasiva The VisuMax Femtosecond Laser removes a small amount of eye tissue to permanently reshape the cornea. A femtosecond (very fast, short-pulsed) laser makes cuts within the cornea, creating a disc.

The Eagle Eye VisuMax laser eye surgery is a two-step laser procedure: the femtosecond (FS) laser creates a protective flap, under which, in an insensitive area, the cornea is reshaped using a spot scanning laser. After a VisuMax treatment you will not experience any pain. You should be resting for 1 day after your laser eye surgery **** The VisuMax® is the only femtosecond laser which is able to correct refractive errors as well as being able to cut a corneal flap. This has opened the way for truly flapless laser eye surgery. Astigmatism Cataracts Clear lens extraction (CLE) Corneal collagen cross-linking. VisuMax Software Version 2.10.13 with activated Software-Module ReLEx (SMILE) option used in conjunction with the VisuMax Femtosecond Laser System for Refractive Correction. Catalog Number 0000000-1345-518 Product Usage: The VisuMax Femtosecond Laser is a precision ophthalmic surgical laser designed for the creation of incisions in the cornea On February 3, 2016, Hoopes Vision acquired Utah's first Zeiss VisuMax® Femtosecond System. The VisuMax is a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser platform, capable of creating corneal flaps for blade-free LASIK as well as tissue graft and site preparation for laser-assisted cornea transplants such as those performed by the cornea specialists at Hoopes Vision Flapless Laser Vision Correction. SMILE is an acronym for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. The laser is able to sculpt front and rear surfaces of a tiny lens-shaped section of tissue, then create a tiny keyhole incision allowing the surgeon to remove this lenticule — all without creating a LASIK flap

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Laser vision correction has never been more advanced, tissue-preserving and gentle like the VisuMax femtosecond Laser. Defining new trends in modern corneal surgery: The VisuMax from Carl ZEISS, Germany is the first femtosecond laser system to perform the minimally invasive, flapless ReLEx SMILE, which has impressed both the patients and the physicians alike with its sophisticated performance. VisuMax's performance is owed in large part to its extremely precise and efficient 500 kHz laser pulse frequency. Zeiss optics provide unsurpassed laser beam focus and control with minimum laser pulse energy at a high pulse frequency. Even for the deepest, most complex cuts, VisuMax typically takes less than 60 seconds

The VisuMax laser keratome is indicated for use in ophthalmic surgery for the creation of corneal incisions in patients undergoing the following treatments: • refractive corrections, particularly the treatment of myopia and myopia combined with astigmatism by creating a corneal lenticule Visumax Información sobre nuevas técnicas para eliminar mediante láser, miopía, hipermetropía, astigmatismo y vista cansada. jueves, 6 de junio de 2013. SYMPOSIUM INTERNACIONAL DE CIRUGÍA REFRACTIVA Zudem ermöglicht die Arbeit mit dem VisuMax® auch, das Lentikel exakt und vorhersagbar in die Hornhaut zu präparieren. Dank dem ausschließlichen Einsatz der bewährten Femtosekunden-Laser-Technologie ist eine bessere Voraussagbarkeit der Ergebnisse möglich. Da die komplette refraktive Korrektur in einem einzigen Behandlungsschritt am VisuMax® durchgeführt werden kann, ist kein Wechsel. El láser VisuMax realiza la operación de miopía y astigmatismo sin cortes y de forma mínimamente invasiva, VisuMax utiliza sólo tecnología femtosegundo de alta precisión en todo el proceso quirúrgico, a diferencia del resto el Láser VisuMax ni corta ni aplica calor sobre el ojo del paciente. Estas diferencias minimizan enormemente las molestias postoperatorias y maximizan la seguridad.

With the VisuMax® femtosecond laser, ZEISS is shaping the world of refractive surgery. This innovative laser system employs high-performance femtosecond laser technology. Applications include Lenticule Extraction using SMILE® software together with femto LASIK flap cuts Visumax. A Design and Development Studio with a deep affection for cutting edge technology, innovation, and inspiring design. Text Size. Scroll To Top. Visumax Laser de femtosegundo Visumax Este revolucionario sistema emplea la tecnología láser de femtosegundo de alto rendimiento y se caracteriza por una excelente precisión de corte, una velocidad insuperable y una técnica de tratamiento confortable para el paciente VisuMax ® emette impulsi luminosi così brevi ed al contempo così intensi, da non provocare alcun riscaldamento ai tessuti trattati, preservandoli così durante l'incisione. I chirurghi impiegano con successo questo sistema dal 2006 nelle procedure di correzione dell'acuità visiva tramite laser Pestalozzi No. 858, Col. Narvarte Alc. Benito Juárez, C.P. 03020, México, CDMX. Lunes a Sábado: 9:00am a 8:00pm Blvd. Bernardo Quintana 113 Plaza Centrum

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Laser 라식 . 일반라식 vs All Laser 라식 하지만 비쥬맥스(VisuMax)는 수술 중 환자의 눈에 가해지는 직접적인 압력이 적기 때문에 각막하 출혈과 같은 건조증을 악화시키는 부작용 가능성이 낮습니다. 타 레이저(왼쪽)와 비쥬맥스(오른쪽)의 비교. The Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser is a groundbreaking technology designed to improve the patient experience during SMILE procedures. With an extremely comfortable docking process, high-precision lasers, and an interface designed to streamline the operation, it ensures a procedure that is both gentle and efficient

ZEISS Visumax femtosecond laser ReLEX SmiLE procedure

Nouveau : pour la première fois en Aquitaine, la Clinique Thiers propose la technologie innovante de Relex*, unique et spécifique grâce à une nouvelle plateforme de la firme Carl Zeiss Meditec qui associe un laser femtoseconde Visumax 500 Hz* et un laser excimer Mel 80* Thorlabs' femtosecond lasers consists of both free-space and fiber lasers. For free-space applications, we offer the Octavius® Ti:Sapphire Laser, Tiberius® Tunable Ti:Sapphire Laser, Y-Fi™ Femtosecond Ytterbium Fiber Laser, Y-Fi™ Optical Parametric Amplifier (OPA), and the 1.3 µm to 4.5 µm Supercontinuum Source. The 2 µm Femtosecond Fiber Laser completes the family with <80 fs pulses. VisuMax: Abbott IFS: Bausch & Lomb Victus: Pulse Duration ~250: 350: 220-580 >500: 400-500: Laser Pulse Energy (µJ) <100: 700-800: 400-500: 800-1200: 1000: Pattern: Segmental with variable line overlap: Raster: Spiral Out-in: Raster & Spiral: Spiral Out-in: Advantage Ziemer. Less inflamation; Less OBL, which may impair excimer eye tracker. Used CARL ZEISS VISUMAX Laser - Femto For Sale - DOTmed Listing #2325105: LASER HEAD NEED TO BE CHANGED You are interested? please make an offer Specifications: Frequency (Hz),50-60,Power Supply. VisuMax Femtosecond System • 500 kHz laser pulse repetition rate yields short procedure time • Femtosecond laser for: Flapcutting ReLEx and ReLEx with smile Incision for ICR Keratoplasty . VisuMax Femtosecond System • Accurate flap thickness with low variation • Precise lenticule shape for ReLEx ® refractiv

Un producto relativamente reciente está también camino de convertirse en un nuevo estándar: el láser de femtosegundo VisuMax ®, cuyos impulsos de luz son tan breves y tan intensos que no calientan ni dañan el tejido colindante durante la incisión. Los cirujanos emplean este sistema con éxito desde 2006 en los procedimientos para corregir la agudeza visual con láser Carl Zeiss Meditec, André Narr, Application Support Refractive Laser 2016-11-12 12 Application with the VisuMax SMILE VisuMax is the only femtosecond system that can perform the SMILE procedure SMILE Minimal invasive. Small incision rather than a flap All-Femto. Lenticule extraction rather than excimer ablation Single-step ZEISS VisuMax Femtosekunden-Laser - Klingenlose LASIK mit einer Laserpulsfrequenz von 500 kHz. Carl ZEISS, das weltweit renommierte deutsche Unternehmen mit über 160 Jahren Erfahrung in der Entwicklung optischer Systeme und medizinischer Geräte, ist der Hersteller des wegweisenden ZEISS VisuMax Femtosekunden-Lasersystems, welches auf hochleistungsstarke, bahnbrechende Femtosekunden-Laser. Dr Virendra Laser & Phaco Surgery - Offering Visumax Femtosecond Laser, आई ट्रीटमेंट, ऑय ट्रीटमेंट in Gandhi Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Read about company. Get contact details and address| ID: 699603469

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Small incision lenticular extraction (SMILE) with VisuMax laser in bilateral surgery Procedure: Small Incision Lenticular Extraction Refractive surgical procedure for the correction of myopia with or without astigmatis Femtosecond Laser ของ Carl Zeiss VisuMax; ความรู้สึกกดทับ: ตึงๆ หนักๆ ที่ตา: เบามาก: อาการมืดไปของการมองเห็นในขณะแยกชั้นกระจกตา : มี: ไม่ม VisuMax 因此是尖端角膜手术治疗及屈光应用的理想平台,包括: You will be routed to the ZEISS Laser Eye Surgery Website for Patients. <br /> <br /> After confirmation, you will leave the ZEISS Medical Technology website for healthcare professionals. The website you have requested is intended for patients and includes.

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World Renowned Laser Refractive Surgeon Dr. Anand Shroff is known for both his extensive experience and his excellent surgical skills. Dr. Shroff performs more types of Laser Refractive surgeries viz. ReLEX smile, custom wavefront LASIK, EpiLASIK, Topo Link PRK, trans epithelial surface ablations, Cross linking and Implantable Contact lens (ICL) surgery than most eye surgeons in the country Femtosecond Laser Femtosecond Lasers - The All-Laser LASIK Solution. The femtosecond laser is a high-energy optics technology used for eye surgeries and other medical procedures, including all-laser LASIK.During this bladeless procedure, your surgeon uses the femtosecond laser to create a flap in your cornea before altering the shape of the underlying tissue to correct your vision SMILE is a breakthrough in ophthalmology. SMILE makes use of the Carl Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser system to correct myopia and astigmatism, which is a big step in vision correction science. SMILE eye surgery has proven more reliable than LASIK, with superior speed and accuracy at a reasonable cost The surgeon removes the lenticule created by Visumax® femtosecond laser through the small incision. This procedure changes the shape of the corneal to correct the refractive errors. Step 1: In a single step the Visumax® femtosecond laser creates a thin lenticule and a small access measuring less than 4 mm in the intact cornea

The Visumax laser platform is utilized during the LASIK procedure during the flap creation process, as well as to perform SMILE vision correction. VisuMax is the fastest available laser in it's class generating light pulses that are so short they do not heat or damage surrounding tissue resulting in fast, gentle, and predictable treatments O VisuMax é a terceira geração de evolução tecnológica da cirurgia refrativa a laser, sucedendo o PRK e o LASIK. Utilizando o laser de femtossegundo, a cirurgia SMILE é feita através da córnea intacta, sem a necessidade de remover o seu epitélio ou criar um flap , tornando a correção da Miopia e do Astigmatismo ainda menos invasiva The VisuMax laser keratome is an ophthalmic surgical femtosecond laser intended for use in patients requiring corneal incisions. The cutting action of the VisuMax laser keratome is achieved through precise individual micro-photodisruptions of tissue, created by tightly focused, ultra-short pulses, delivered through a disposable applanation lens. The VisuMax laser is currently the only laser on the market that offers SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction). SMILE is the first minimally invasive Laser Vision Correction procedure. During SMILE eye surgery, a lenticule is created inside the intact cornea using the ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser and extracted through a small incision

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The VisuMax femtosecond laser is a precision ophthalmic surgical laser designed for the creation of the corneal flaps. The VisuMax accomplishes this by scanning tightly focused patterns of short (femtosecond) pulses of near-infrared light (laser) in the cornea at precise and predefined positions and depths Excel Laser Vision Institute's Los Angeles and Orange County offices use the first-rate, cutting-edge, Wavelight EX500 laser and the Visumax. Excel Laser Vision is one of a handful of LASIK Orange County clinics to offer this new LASIK laser technology To report on four different commercially available femtosecond laser systems used in refractive surgery. Four systems were analyzed: Ziemer DaVinci system, Zeiss VisuMax, IntraLase FS laser, and. We are proud to offer the latest generation premium minimally-invasive laser refractive surgery procedure for patients with nearsightedness and astigmatism, VisuMax ReLEx SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction). This is a flapless, bladeless form of laser eye surgery which effectively turns laser eye surgery into a keyhole or pocket procedure

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Unlike the Intralase which relies literally upon a technician using a manual syringe to create the suction, prior to the laser itself being activated. If there was a discernible proprietary advantage for the Visumax over the FS200 for the function of flap creation for LASIK, the manufacturer would probably use such in their marketing materials VisuMax from ZEISS. Defining the pulse rate in refractive surgery. Remarkable precision and detail Defining new trends in modern corneal surgery As a ground-breaking, high-performance femtosecond laser system, the VisuMax® from ZEISS is significantly shaping the world of refractive surgery Origami is our ultra-stable passively mode-locked laser platform, it exhibits the lowest phase noise on the market. A special hybrid laser setup, consisting of state-of-the-art polarization maintaining (PM) fiber technology and free-space sections for advanced dispersion control, allows for high pulse energy generation while supporting perfectly transform-limited soliton pulses without. VisuMax In September 2016 the VisuMax femtosecond laser system (Carl Zeiss Meditec; Jena, Germany) got FDA : Zeiss says VisuMax can cut tunnels to fit any ring dimensions, in arcs between 90 and 270 degrees or a full 360-degree arc Der VisuMax® Laser ist das innovativste Produkt zur Behandlung von Fehlsichtigkeiten von Zeiss. Und wir sind Referenz- und Schulungszentrum für diverse Hersteller. So müssen Sie keine Kompromisse eingehen. Zeiss VisuMax ® Schrittmacher in der Hornhautchirurgie. Mit dem VisuMax.

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The Ziemer Femtosecond Laser for Cataract, Corneal & LASIK Procedures. The Ziemer Femtosecond Laser is unusually versatile and performs up to 10 procedures. In fact, almost all Ziemer FEMTO models perform multiple procedures. The mobility of Ziemer ophthalmic surgical laser maximizes its use in multiple OR's, and enables easy transport to other locations laser surgery and the production of the 1,000th ZEISS VisuMax® is another testament to our leadership in this field. ZEISS is setting performance benchmarks in corneal surgery with VisuMax®, the only approved femtosecond laser on the market to treat ametropia using the minimally invasive procedure. The VisuMax The VisuMax femtosecond laser (Carl Zeiss Meditec) was approved for the small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) procedure, which removes a small amount of eye tissue to permanently reshape the. All the flaps were made by the same refractive surgeon with the VisuMax® (Carl Zeiss Meditec) femtosecond laser. We report the intraoperative flap and interface‑related complications in these eyes, also describing their management Bladeless Laser Vision Correction. Griffin Eye Center is the first in South Carolina to offer the advancements of both the Wavelight® EX500 excimer laser and the VisuMax® laser. This unique combination allows us to provide our patients with the best possible vision

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The only laser currently able and approved to perform SMILE is the VisuMax femtosecond laser (Carl Zeiss Meditec). The surgeon uses the laser to cut a lenticule-shaped disc of tissue within the cornea and then create a side cut through which this lenticule is removed. The removal of the lenticule is what causes the change in refraction Visumax 500 Femtosekunden, Mel 90 Excimer-Laser Der Carl ZeissMeditec MEL90 Excimer-Laser ist die intelligente Verbindung aus technischem Fortschritt und bewährten Erfahrungen. Der Einsatz der Excimer- Lasertechnologie von ZEISS bei refraktiven Verfahren geht auf das Jahr 1986 zurück La procedura per la correzione dei difetti visivi consiste nella scolpitura, da parte del laser a femtosecondi di 3a generazione (Visumax Zeiss) di un lenticolo di spessore, diametro e caratteristiche geometriche adeguate a correggere il difetto rifrattivo miopico o astigmatico del paziente; dopo la dissezione anteriore e posteriore delle facce. The Zeiss VisuMax laser is the only laser in the world that can perform ReLEx SMILE. VisuMaz uses femtosecond lasers to produce extremely short pulses of laser light which are used to divide corneal tissue layers. To minimizes corneal damage, 011.5~4.5µm Laser. 02 Low Energy < 200nJ; 03 500kHz laser pulse frequency is used The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today approved the VisuMax Femtosecond Laser (Carl Zeiss Meditec) to remove a sliver of corneal tissue to reduce or eliminate myopia in certain adults.

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VisuMax Femtosecond System Histology of femtosecond incision • Deep lamellar graft • Incision depth: 450 µm • Laser settings: 340 / 1.8 • Incision time: 97 sec. • Penetrating graft • Incision depth: 715 µm • Laser settings: 360 / 1.8 • Incision time: 48 sec VisuMax Laser - Femto A Vendre Auction. Recherchez et passez en revue les centaines d'enchères médicales d'équipement sur DOTmed.co This is our Zeiss Visumax laser that we use for LASIK and SMILE vision correction. The second pic was taken as soon as the patient got up from his SMILE surgery. That's how fast it is. # lasikboss # dfweyes # lasercareeyecenter # dallas # dfw # fortworth # planotx # lascolinas # southlak The latest Carl Zeiss VisuMax® platform employs a high-performance femtosecond laser technology that provides outstanding cutting precision, incredible speed/efficiency, and unsurpassed comfort with its gentle treatment technique. The Zeiss VisuMax® is currently the only femto laser platform that employs a curved contact surface during flap creation

A cirurgia refrativa à laser pode evitar a maquiagemFoto Galerie | Lasik Istanbul | HealthtravelsLasik Istanbul | Augenlasern in der Türkei - FOCUS

VISUMAX CIRUGIA DE MIOPIA CON LASER FEMTOSEGUNDO. A principios de los años 90 comienzan a realizarse en España las primeras intervenciones para operar la miopía mediante Láser Excimer. La técnica PRK fue la primera técnica quirurgica, consiste en aplicar el Láser Excimer directamente sobre la cornea, los resultados visuales son buenos. 全飞秒激光是国际上最先进的角膜屈光手术模式之一。它使近视矫正的安全性与精确度再迈上了一个新台阶。由于高昂的开发成本与难以突破的技术瓶颈,仅是德国蔡司的全飞秒激光系统可以应用于全飞秒近视矫正手术中 Servicio de ReLEx Smile. ReLEx smile es la técnica laser más segura y más eficaz realizada por microincisión a través de una cirugía ocular mínimamente invasiva.Esto reduce las complicaciones postoperatorias siendo un tratamiento rápido, sencillo y efectivo. Con la técnica ReLEx smile, nuestros oftalmologos especializados en cirugía refractiva, utilizando solamente el láser. During SMILE eye surgery, a state-of-the-art Carl Zeiss VisuMax laser places a series of pulses in the centre of the cornea, with extraordinary 3D accuracy. These pulses form bubbles that are less than 1/100th the width of a human hair, and which outline the tissue that needs to be removed to change the shape of the cornea Correction of Myopia with ReLEx SMILE Procedure LaserCare Eye Center Offers Latest Laser Vision Correction Technology. Irving, TX (May, 2017) - LaserCare Eye Center announced today that it has acquired a ZEISS VisuMax® femtosecond laser and will be the first LASIK Eye Surgery Center in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex to offer ReLEx® SMILE minimally-invasive laser vision correction ReLEx smile nur mit dem Femtosekunden-Laser VisuMax. Für die ReLEx-Behandlung wird ein speziell entwickeltes Lasersystem, der Femtosekunden-Laser VisuMax von Carl Zeiss, verwendet. Die Geräte in der Augenklinik Bratislava NeoVizia sind immer auf dem neuesten Stand. Das garantiert Carl Zeiss selbst

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